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Business Development: It’s About Building Relationships

I have made this point before but it is so important that it bears repeating, many, many times! In my experience, understanding business development as an exercise in creating and building relationships is fundamental to success. Most of us went into law because we wanted to help people in some way: help them build their own businesses, help them out of [...]

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Five Random Gift Ideas

The Five Random Networking Event Ideas blog I did a few weeks ago went so well with people that it encouraged me to do another one about gifts that you might be able to use as a springboard to creating great creative gift ideas that would be meaningful to you and your network. I hope it will inspire you to never again send [...]

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How to Create a Great Client Experience

You will hear a lot of talk, in our industry and others, about how important it is for you to provide a "great client experience" if you want your clients to come back to you again and again and to refer their friends. As with all things business development in the legal industry, the problem with that statement is everybody [...]

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PR and Media – DIY

Lawyers labour under the same misapprehensions about getting media opportunities as they do about getting invited to speak at conferences. They believe that - once their reputation has become so good and their profile so expansive - members of the media will reach out to them for interviews. That may well happen for some people, but most of us get media [...]

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Another Problem with Reciprocity as a Basis for Referring Work

I have conveyed my views before on the dangers of thinking reciprocally when it comes to business development, but there are more issues with it than just what I identified there. The fundamental problem with the view that you get work in return for giving work is this: It has nothing to do with the client or what is good [...]

"Business Development Takes Too Much Non-Billable Time"

Yes it does. It takes a lot of non-billable time to build a practice that will sustain itself. There is no getting around it. And you don’t get to do it once and have that carry you forever. Earl Cherniak has been in practice for over 50 years and he still spends lots and lots of non-billable time caring for [...]

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Generosity, Abundance, and the Dangers of Thinking Reciprocally

Lawyers often tell me that they hate networking because they feel the pressure of reciprocity. It's the pressure we feel to either have the ability to refer work, or to overstate our ability to give work, before we expect to get any work from others. There is something else at work here... something that gives insight into what makes us [...]

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