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The Best Little Pool Bar in Toronto

I love pool bars. I have since 2000, when I stayed at the Mondrion in L.A. and it had this incredible pool bar that you could only get into if you were a model, and therefore capable of blowing by the masses of people corralled behind a velvet rope by a burly doorman on any given night, or a guest [...]

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The Taco Tour of Toronto

Recently my partner Ryan developed an almost insatiable craving for Mexican style tacos. Not the Chi-Chi's, Taco Bell, Old El Paso type tacos... the real ones that come on small, soft corn tortillas and that you can get from street food trucks. Because I couldn't stand listening to how he would have to go back to NYC to get such [...]

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Jane and the Gin Solid

No this isn't a Gin Solid, but it sure looks tasty! One of the best things about creating a network is that you get to share in the knowledge of the people in it and enjoy all kinds of new experiences that you would otherwise never have had. So it was for me with Toronto's lively cocktail culture [...]

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Maple Syrup Festivals!

It is that time of year! Those of you raised in Ontario may have the same fond memories of school trips to maple syrup festivals that I do. But I also love them as an adult. The Elmira Maple Syrup Festival is my favourite maple syrup festival, and I have been to quite a few around Ontario! It is one [...]

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Steakhouse Martinis

Someone needs to explain to me the origins of the connection between martinis and steak. Is it a Mad Men thing? I am a little unusual in my martini tastes. I like gin martinis, not vodka, and I like them dirty... really dirty, in fact - with enough olives to actually count as a meal. And until I recently learned [...]

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Prince Edward County!

The Manse Boutique Inn - Picton I have a vacation property in Prince Edward County. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The County, you seriously need to come out and check this region out. It is fabulous. It is what Niagara on the Lake and Muskoka once were: quaint, welcoming, and easy to be in. It [...]

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I love going to the spa. I really do. It is one of those completely indulgent activities that I feel like I deserve because I work so hard. It is also the one sure-fire way of winding myself down in a very short space of time. When I go on holidays it usually takes 3-4 days before my stress level [...]

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