Come Back & Crush It

What is it?

Coming back to work after an extended professional leave (such as parental leave) can be one of the biggest challenges in a lawyer’s career. Most lawyers and firms have no concrete sense of how to prepare for a leave, bridge the return, and position returning parents for success.

Leaves can sometimes be perceived negatively by both lawyers and firms, at a minimum they are often approached with trepidation, because both parties fear that something will be lost due to the time away.  In fact, studies have shown that after returning from parental leave, professionals are often especially productive and high-performing employees. After a stint of stay-at-home parenting — which can be more demanding than law — many parents crave a return to work, and have a renewed passion for their profession. They also possess new strengths: heightened empathy, productivity and resilience, enhanced ability to multi-task and cope with stress, and improvements in their strategic thinking, negotiation skills and judgment.

This year-long program, comprised of a small, mastermind group and one-on-one coaching sessions, is for professionals who are planning to take, currently taking, or have recently taken professional leave. Through learning, support, networking, and skill-building, it’s engineered to help you not only survive, but thrive when you return — empowering and equipping you to come back and crush it.

If you’re a returning lawyer, do not underestimate yourself: you can become your firm’s strongest asset. Come Back & Crush It will help you get there.

How it Works


See if it’s a good fit.

Currently, Come Back & Crush It participants must be within 12 months of taking leave, actively on leave, or within 12 months of returning from leave. Groups are curated to ensure balance and diversity, accommodate scheduling needs and eliminate business conflicts. If you’re interested, fill out the form below to join the confidential waiting list.

Status of professional leave

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Do it.

Each Come Back & Crush It group consists of 8 professionals. The program is 1 year long. Participants meet once a month for a 3-hour mastermind session, for a total of 12 sessions — plus 6 hours of private, one-on-one professional coaching.

Each participant will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, to ensure a safe environment in which all participants can feel free to be completely candid and openly share their concerns with the confidence that all information shared will be held in strict confidence by the group and its members.


In the first session, participants meet each other, identify common issues faced by professionals returning from leave, and share personal concerns about returning from their own leaves. Issues to be examined in the remaining sessions will be selected from the issues identified in the first session.


9 sessions will be devoted to building skills and problem-solving strategies that can be used to overcome challenges associated with and arising during off-boarding, leave and re-entry periods.


6 of the 9 sessions, the group will together explore and address concerns raised in the first session


3 sessions will feature specially-selected guest speakers


2 sessions will be dedicated to networking


Stay connected.

The support and camaraderie of Come Back & Crush It will continue after the program ends, via social events and our private online group for currentCB&CI participants and grads.


Jane is like magic. She helps you stretch your imagination of what’s possible, and then helps you actually make it happen. She inspires, supports and collaborates, all while making you laugh.

- Associate, 5+ years Previous

Jane accomplished the impossible: she made me enthusiastic about marketing and the business side of law. Her encouragement, advice and support have been invaluable.

- Partner, 10+ years

Jane is a force of nature. You may think you can cruise in your career, but from the second you’re in her presence, you’re inspired to do more, be more and aspire to more.

- Partner, 10+ years

Jane is a force of nature. You may think you can cruise in your career, but from the second you’re in her presence, you’re inspired to do more, be more and aspire to more.

- Partner, 10+ years
In the past, I’ve been frustrated by marketing advice that’s so vague it’s meaningless. Jane provided me with concrete, practical advice… she is a straight-talker and fun to work with!”
- Partner, 15+ years Previous

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