Law Practice Today – Rainmakers: Born or Bred?

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Law Practice Today – Rainmakers: Born or Bred?

influenceI recently read an article about legal business development in Law Practice Today that caught my attention in particular because it was written by a lawyer .  Her name is Patricia K. Gillette (@Pat_Gillette) and she is a partner with Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliff LLP(@Orrick) in San Francisco.

Patricia spearheaded the launch of a study by William Henderson of Indiana Law, one of the founders of Lawyer Metrics, into the question of whether personal characteristics differentiate rainmakers from other lawyers.

The study included more than two years of work, 300 behaviorial interviews, the administration of psychological tests to 86 rainmakers and client service partners, and ultimately led to the publication of a report by Lawyer Metrics which confirmed that rainmakers do, in fact, have different personality traits from other lawyers. In particular;

“[t]he research revealed that rainmakers tend to score higher and report consistently in interviews on the following traits or characteristics:

  • Engagement: which is a desire to be regularly engaged in an activity- usually work related;
  • Dominance: which is a tendency to exercise power and influence over others.
  • Motivating others
  • Risk taking

The research also confirmed that there is no difference in the characteristics of male and female rainmakers – they share the same traits.”

Oddly enough, given the title, it doesn’t actually answer the question of whether rainmakers are born or bred. It does, however, tell us a lot about the personal characteristics shared by many lawyers who have built very successful legal practices and the kinds of things that we could each change in how we approach our clients, contacts and the practice of law, that would have a good chance of increasing the amount of work we bring in.

Read the full article here:  Rainmakers: Born or Bred

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