One-on-One Coaching

What is it?

We help lawyers develop the skills, relationships and profile they need to attract the work they want — providing insights, strategies, support, discipline, and the confidence of having someone by your side. In a nutshell, our process helps lawyers create and implement a personalized, intuitive plan for reaching business development goals — one manageable step at a time.The process incorporates 5 key elements: training, consulting, coaching, measuring results and providing support. Together, we will:

  • Cultivate the skills and mindset that are essential to business development success
  • Identify your specific strengths, interests and high-potential opportunities
  • Articulate your unique value proposition and find ways to leverage your personal brand
  • Target and pursue strategic opportunities
  • Develop keystone habits to support your profile and relationship-building skills

How it Works


See if it’s a good fit.

First, we’ll have a complimentary, zero-pressure conversation about you and your business. If you need the kind of help we offer, and the time is right for you, we’ll move forward to the next step.


Make a plan.

In our intake process we will review your abilities, interests and experience. Then we’ll spend an hour or two talking about the results, and how we can leverage your strengths.

We’ll also start helping you shift into a business-growing mindset by introducing you to some business development theory and getting you started on activities that you’ll enjoy.

Armed with that momentum, we’ll get down to brass tacks: putting together a personalized, highly strategic plan for reaching your business development goals. Your plan will be engineered to capitalize on your unique strengths and create new opportunities.

And don’t worry: we strongly believe that the only “right” way to develop your business is the way that’s realistic for you, that’s rooted in real relationships, and that’s reflective of your specific situation and goals. Your plan won’t require you to do anything that feels fake or presumptuous. It won’t have unfair or unrealistic deadlines. The point of this plan isn’t to upend who you are: it’s to leverage who you are, so you can be more effective and intentional about building a business that you love.


Do it.

We’ll work as partners to implement your plan: brainstorming together, picking the best tactics, and breaking them down into manageable chunks for you to work on. Some of these chunks might be tasks, to help you form new business-building habits and fulfill your goals, while others may simply be resources to read or learn in order to strengthen your business-building mindset and skills. We’ll be by your side the whole time, providing support, insight and a sense of accountability.


Jane is like magic. She helps you stretch your imagination of what’s possible, and then helps you actually make it happen. She inspires, supports and collaborates, all while making you laugh.

- Associate, 5+ years Previous

Jane accomplished the impossible: she made me enthusiastic about marketing and the business side of law. Her encouragement, advice and support have been invaluable.

- Partner, 10+ years

Jane is a force of nature. You may think you can cruise in your career, but from the second you’re in her presence, you’re inspired to do more, be more and aspire to more.

- Partner, 10+ years

Jane is a force of nature. You may think you can cruise in your career, but from the second you’re in her presence, you’re inspired to do more, be more and aspire to more.

- Partner, 10+ years
In the past, I’ve been frustrated by marketing advice that’s so vague it’s meaningless. Jane provided me with concrete, practical advice… she is a straight-talker and fun to work with!”
- Partner, 15+ years Previous

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