One-on-One Coaching Program


This program was created for lawyers who are at the early stages of growth and who are ready to approach business development with focus and intention. Our Emerging Builders may lack confidence in the BD process for one or more of the following reasons:

Their sense of what makes them unique to prospective clients, and their clarity around how to articulate their points of differentiation from their competitors in practice, are not yet well-defined;

They have not yet cultivated specific and consistent business development behaviours, practices and habits;

  • Their sense of confidence, authenticity and enjoyment in undertaking business development activities is moderate to low;
  • They don’t yet  know “what works” for them, or how to identify activities and opportunities that would be likely to be successful in developing their business;
  • They do not feel confident in their ability to generate a steady, consistent flow of work from the clients, networks and communities they serve;
  • They can’t imagine how they will find the time to devote to business development, given existing work and other time commitments;
  • Their current engagement in business development activities is accidental, or at best opportunistic and sporadic.

In our work with Emerging Builders, we leverage a selection of our proprietary tools, processes and insights calibrated specifically to their needs. With a foundation in brain-based research, these tools and processes will enable us to:

  • Help each lawyer identify the elements of their unique value proposition, with reference to the things that have contributed to their success in the past, and bringing in the perspectives of their most significant current professional supporters and stakeholders;
  • Introduce and apply frameworks that will support the evolution of their service and strategic mindsets;
  • Drive them to focus actively, intentionally and consistently on the pursuit and creation of strong, authentic, loyal and mutual relationships with their clients, networks and communities;
  • Guide and support them in the cultivation of behaviours, processes and habits that will align their activities with known indicators of business origination;
  • Provide them with the tactics and tools to implement these new activities immediately and consistently.


A Stakeholder Insights Mini-Program & Report – summarizing insights into the elements of their unique value proposition, gleaned from interviews with up to five of their key professional stakeholders;

A Value Proposition Session & Summary Report – which will:

  • Articulate and illuminate their unique value proposition and the foundational values upon which it rests;
  • Examples of where and how they might successfully manifest that value proposition toward their business development goals, and;
  • A list of recommended resources that will help them continue to evolve and hone their sense of their value, and their capacity to articulate it effectively.

Up to 10 One-on-One Coaching Sessions aimed at supporting them in:

  • Increasing the frequency and quality of their business development activities;
  • Getting out of their comfort zone;
  • Honing their courage and resilience, and;
  • Cultivating a “trial, error, track and measure” mentality in connection with their business development activities that will help them begin to more successfully identify “what works” for them.

A written 12-month Business Development plan to use and adapt each year after graduating from the program (digital form);

A written 12-month Networking Planner to drive more focus and intention into their relationship building activities, that they can continue to use and adapt each year after graduating from the program (digital form;

An Activity Tracker that aggregates and reports on their business development activities, the most significant insights they have experienced and the resources they have read, watched or listened to throughout the program;

A customized Resource Kit, which includes a wide variety of both proprietary and curated materials and resources aimed at supporting the continued evolution of their business development competency post-program. This set of resources will also support their ability to cascade that information to others who are cultivating their own business development competencies.

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