One-on-One Coaching Program


This program was developed for lawyers who are well on their way to becoming confident – and competent – business developers. These Established Builders are invested in, and committed to, elevating their business development efforts and are working on a book of business that is beginning to contribute nicely to their overall portfolio of work. While they are seeing success they may still be struggling with some aspects of that progression.

Established Builders have developed several of the core skills, processes and habits needed for success, and have robust networks that are currently providing them with a reasonably steady flow of work, and are likely to continue doing so in the future.

Some of our Established Builders are ready for leadership, team building, and financial projection and reporting skills to help them level their practice up into a thriving business that sustains and inspires not only them but the people around them.

They may identify with some or all of these statements:

  • They have a strong sense of what makes them different, the unique value that they bring to their clients and prospects and they can articulate who they are and how they practice fairly well;
  • They have adopted some specific and consistent business development behaviours, practices and habits, though they require some refinement;
  • Their sense of confidence, authenticity and enjoyment in undertaking business development activities is fair to high;
  • They have a sense of “what works” for them, have identified some business development activities and opportunities that are likely to be successful and are  spending time on them, but would like to hone this emerging ability further and focus more on the activities they enjoy;
  • They are generating a steady flow of work from the clients, networks and communities they serve. Some of this work is being delegated to other lawyers and staff and they are  starting to think about team building and leadership more seriously;
  • They are becoming reasonably successful at integrating their business development investment with their existing work and other time commitments;
  • Their engagement in business development activities has become more deliberate, habitual and consistent, though some of their activities may still be somewhat opportunistic.
  • They feel ready to evolve to the point where they can integrate their greater sense of purpose in the world with their professional enterprise.

In our work with Established Builders, we use a selection of our highly-effective, proprietary tools, processes and insights that are calibrated to the needs of this group. With a foundation in brain-based research, these tools and processes will enable us to:

  • Help each lawyer gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of their unique value proposition and differentiating factors;
  • Apply frameworks that will support the evolution of their current mindset beyond where they are today and take them further into the place they hope to be, connecting their value with a larger life purpose;
  • Help them to deepen and broaden their existing relationships, beyond the places they exist now, extending those relationships through to the people and places and  communities that matter to their clients, networks and communities;
  • Support them in the deeper understanding of behaviours, processes and habits that they have been using successfully in the origination of business, and helping them cascade those habits and behaviours to the lawyers they are mentoring and guiding in their practice;
  • Guide them in the selection of tactics and the creation of tools of their own that will support them in pursuing their goals and plans immediately, consistently and in a manner that can be easily cascaded to those they are mentoring.


  • Up to 12 One-on-One Coaching Sessions in which we really drill down and help them get clear on their “why”, their “big idea” – their purpose in the world;
  • A one-on-one Projections Workshop in which we work through identifying specific, quantifiable targets and break down the steps to achieving them;
  • A customized Resource Kit, which includes a wide variety of both proprietary and curated materials and resources aimed at supporting the refinement of their business development work post-program. This set of resources will also support their ability to cascade that information to others who are cultivating their own business development competencies;
  • The creation or adaptation of written planning and activity tracking tools that capture their goals, activities, insights and results for the year.
  • Unlimited phone and email support, between meetings, to respond to and navigate real-time challenges and opportunities that arise, and continue to foster the development of consistent behaviours.

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