One-on-One Coaching Program


This program is meant to support those elite lawyers who already have a high level of confidence and competency in their business development activities. They are the influencers. They have honed powerful relationship building skills, developed strong networks that are generating a steady flow of work and they are at the point of growth where their book of business provides enough work for them and a team of other lawyers and professional staff.

Master Builders are laser-focused on leading, mentoring and sponsoring others, including those on their team and in the communities they serve, with the goal of propelling those individuals forward in the pursuit of higher levels of personal and professional success.

Master Builders have identified their larger purpose and they are on task and on mission in the pursuit of it. They have integrated their sense of purpose in the world with their professional enterprise, at least in concept. They are growth-minded, lifelong learners and believe the opportunities for them to serve their purpose and mission are limited only by their current knowledge, experience and mindset.

These masterful individuals are now seeking a network of like-minded people to surround themselves with as they continue to propel themselves forward and upwards in service of their purpose.

The Master Builder Networks deploy a facilitated mastermind program to transform a carefully curated groups of lawyers into a powerful network of influencers that are deeply invested in and committed to supporting everyone in the group in continually levelling up their aspirations and what they achieve in the world. Each Master Builder Network will consist of 10 sessions, two hours in duration, in each 12 month period. Though the facilitator of each Network will have suggestions and guidance to offer, the Master Builders in each Network will have agency and dominion over the subject matter that will be explored in their sessions.

The next Master Builder Network will begin in January, 2021 as we curate only one group each year. Please submit your application for the next session now to secure your spot.

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