PR and Media – DIY

PR and Media – DIY

How to Get Press CoverageLawyers labour under the same misapprehensions about getting media opportunities as they do about getting invited to speak at conferences.

They believe that – once their reputation has become so good and their profile so expansive – members of the media will reach out to them for interviews. That may well happen for some people, but most of us get media attention when we reach out to the media and give them a story idea.

Journalists are in the same position as conference organizers, only magnified. Conference organizers need to come up with ideas for conferences fairly regularly. Journalists need to come up with stories daily. If you have ever had to come up with a new idea every day you will know exactly how hard that is.

In order to fill that massive demand for content, journalists are constantly searching for interesting stories and for people to act as sources and provide quotes. You do journalists a service when you help them fill this demand, by telling them interesting or current things that are happening in your area of practice and why those things would matter to their audience. And when you have given them enough ideas that have turned into stories, you become a helpful resource for them. Then (and likely only then) they’ll think of you when they need to get information about something they are writing about.

It is just another manifestation of the “Givers Gain” theme running through many of my posts. If you do your best to help people achieve their professional objectives, they will help you achieve yours.

My advice? Don’t wait for members of the media to hear about you and call you. Keep your eyes open for things that are happening in your area that are interesting and reach out to someone in the media to tell them about it.

This is also another great use for social media. Journalists are on all social media platforms because they use them to come up with story ideas. Identify the journalists who write stories that you would like to see yourself in, introduce yourself to them, and invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn.  This has the added benefit of letting you see the things that they post about, which might give you some ideas for topics that might appeal to them as stories in future.

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