Strategic Planning: Insights Program

What would it feel like to have a road map to your goals? How much more time would you have if you didn’t expend energy against tasks and in pursuit of activities that don’t fit within your strategic direction?

The most successful people are those who plan for their success, who put resources against defining what success means, and who spend their time being laser-focused on following the steps to get there.

Welcome to our roadmap-building Strategic Planning: Insights Program.

By creating a well-defined, specific and actionable plan, grounded against your objectives and filtered through your guiding principles, you will be a quantum leap closer to achieving – and even surpassing – your goals.


In this program we will take you through the process of identifying and articulating your goals and objectives, defining your strategic direction – your ‘guiding principles’ – and assessing and prioritizing your key activities in order to create a quarterly action plan.

Program Elements

Session Pre-Work

Ahead of our session, we will send out a workbook consisting of a series of questions and exercises that will inform the Planning Session. This Session Pre-Work will ensure that we have the background we need, and that you come to the session having done a brainstorm and download of thoughts and ideas that touch virtually every aspect of your practice, so that we get the most out of our time together.

This work will allow you to think through some quantifiable targets (time, revenue, etc.), activities and opportunities – both existing and future.

Strategic Plan, Report + Activity Tracker

Coming out of your planning session, we will generate a summary report that captures and outlines your higher-order objectives and goals (your definition of ‘success’), a clear strategic direction, and guiding principles that you can follow and use as filters through which to view every opportunity that presents itself – an assessment tool to help you determine where to deploy your valuable resources for best return on your investment.

We will also provide you with an actionable, quarterly Activity Tracker – your ‘road map’ – so that you can plot your selected activities and track your success against them in a way that is both realistic and achievable.

Program Timing

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