Terrible Pieces of Advice: Don’t Give it Away

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Terrible Pieces of Advice: Don’t Give it Away

give1-300x225It’s a funny thing, when it comes to developing a book of business as a lawyer, it’s ingrained in us not to “give away the farm.” What will people pay for, we are often reminded, if we just put it all out there? “Don’t let them take advantage of you!”

Sound familiar?

Wait just a minute here. You are not a victim – and no one is trying to rip you off. You are, in fact, part of a very privileged community and that privilege provides you with many benefits. You can afford to be generous, and that includes sharing ideas that might be of use to someone else in the field, or even a complete and total stranger.

Sharing ideas and information requires nothing more from you than energy. Holding back ideas and information contributes to the signal of lack that you broadcast from what is, in reality, a position of abundance. It is incongruous and people will feel that. Also very importantly, you will feel that.

Energy is meant to circulate, not stagnate. So stop wasting time by thinking about how you should conserve what you have – and, instead, focus on how best to give as much as possible as often as possible.

The more people I help, the more energized I feel. And I’ve learned that getting that kind of positive energy out there consistently means that it will come back some time from some where – and likely not from the same person that you gave to.

Giver’s get. Sharing ideas just makes sense, logically and economically. So why not get more of your assets out there working for you?

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