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These things are undermining our ability to build relationships and businesses: What’s the fix?

This is a great interview video and worth the watch for many reasons.

The challenges he talks about – addiction to technology, the consequences of our society’s evolution toward instant gratification on all fronts, the impact of the resulting impatience that is being cultivated in all of us – are not limited to millennials.

Most of us, at all ages, now cannot let go of our cell phones. If we do, it is only to put them down on the table between us and the people we are with.

It is no longer the case that there are a few empty minutes before the start of any meeting, in which those in the room actually take the opportunity to talk to each other. Instead, we all sit like zombies staring in to the little screens in our hands, oblivious to what is going on with any of the people who are sitting in the room with us!.

Most, if not all, dinners, coffees – meetings of all varieties – include cell phones on the table ringing or dinging and the magnanimous statement “I’m not going to answer that” being offered by the owner of the offending device – as though that will remedy the impression that the person you are with only has moderate importance to you, which was left by the presence of the phone on the table in the first place.  Just to be clear, in my experience, it does not.

It isn’t just millennials that need to think about these things.  Relationship building skills are becoming more and more rare, and it is hurting us in lots of ways, including but not limited to weakening our capacity to build businesses that fulfill us and have a positive impact in the world.

I encourage you to watch this video, save it, think about it, watch it again, figure out what aspects of it are impacting you and those around you (millennials in particular) and what you might be able to do in your own lives and practices to help turn the tide.  For one thing, absent some serious potential emergency, let’s all put our phones away when we are socializing or meeting with other people.



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