Value + Purpose: Insights Program

How much more successful could you be if you were crystal clear about the unique value you bring to your clients and prospects, and laser-focused on why it matters – your purpose?

Did you know that the most successful individuals are those who have a clear line of sight on both?

Welcome to our transformative Value + Purpose: Insights Program.

By getting clear on what sets you apart – and why it matters – you’ll be better able to evaluate opportunities that present themselves, and increase the effectiveness of your business development activities overall.


In this program we will systematically guide you through the process of identifying, articulating and deploying both your unique value and your purpose in order to increase alignment between them.

Program Elements

Introductory module

Learn why your Unique Value, together with your Purpose, matter, and how to effectively express them through storytelling.

90-minute one-on-one session

Explore different facets of your personality, professional and life experiences, with the aim ofrevealing your purpose and the unique value you bring in pursuit of that purpose in the context of your professional life.

The session may be augmented by curated tools, resources and activities designed to support the exercise.

Stakeholder Interviews

Up to three (3) 15-minute interviews with key stakeholders in your professional life. Your stakeholders are asked to identify unique aspects of your character and the value you bring to them, offering an outside perspective on what sets you apart, in their eyes.


A summary report that outlines your Value + Purpose that your inputs, together with those of your stakeholders, have informed, and a high-level guide to how to deploy them through storytelling.

Follow-up Session

A 90-minute, one-on-one coaching session to discuss your report and deployment opportunities.

Program Timing

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